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Treating Narcissism

Shame is the invisible, unacknowledged driver of narcissism which the culture at large avoids.

Psychologist, Author, and Educator, Patricia Gianotti, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist, author, lecturer, and educator.  She is the Academic Director of The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy at Loyola University Chicago. 


She believes the art and practice of psychotherapy begins by creating a solid and safe therapeutic relationship. When you create a safe, relational container the unfolding process of therapy can occur, and it is out of that safe space that therapist and client can gradually begin to explore past relational injuries, uncover repressed memories that inhibit growth and development, grieve what was lost, and discover aspects of the self that were either unknown or forbidden to exist.

You can learn more about Dr. Gianotti and her approach to Treating Narcissism on her website at:


Books and Media

Listening With Purpose


Listening with Purpose is a clinical treatment manual for seasoned practitioners, post-doctoral training institutes, graduate students, and psychiatric residents who are interested in advancing their skills in therapeutic listening and psychodynamic interventions.

Uncovering the Resilient Core


Uncovering the Resilient Core provides a comprehensive and inclusive methodology that guides the therapist into the nuances and complexities of the therapeutic relationship throughout the entire course of treatment.

Embracing Therapeutic Complexity

Book Cover.jpg

In an era where instant gratification has filtered into training programs geared toward technique-driven solutions, Embracing Therapeutic Complexity takes a step back and re-introduces fundamental touchstones that enable clinicians to apply an integrative treatment model in the service of in-depth healing and growth.

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