How Bullying, if Unattended, Can Undermine a Feeling of Church Being a Safe Harbor and Sanctuary

Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire (Oct. 2019)

Anglican Diocese of Cape Town, South Africa (March 2020)

Dr. Patricia Gianotti and Christyn Sieve, both psychologist from NH Seacoast, are joining our Fall Clergy Conference to talk about how to cope with individuals who engage our congregations in antagonistic and provocative ways that can range from unpleasant discourse to unsafe behavior.  

Antagonists challenge even the strongest of leaders; they expose the need for authoritative and containing engagement that might feel antithetical to pastoral care-giving.  These are delicate situations.  Managing a bully requires courage, self-control, love and teamwork.  Leaders can learn to manage bullying behavior without shaming themselves or the individual who is asking to be contained.   

Dr. Gianotti is available to facilitate retreats on bullying in religious communities of all denominations. Content can be tailored to your specific needs.