New Applications in Treating Shame and Narcissism

University of Cape Town, South Africa

March 12-14, 2020

Integrating Theory and Practice:  
Advanced Psychodynamic Techniques

Smith College of Social Work

June 27, 2020

These seminars are designed to help clinicians identify how early childhood attachment experiences and/or failures are directly connected to the development of one’s beliefs, values, motivation, and assumptions about the self in the world and self-in-relationship to others. Participants will review techniques such as moment-to-moment tracking, part-whole analysis, and listening to the subtle nuance of langue to help us uncover hidden feelings that lie beneath the surface of the therapeutic exchange. Through tracking these process dynamics, participants will be shown how to stay more aligned with the client’s experience in the present, thus creating a more secure therapeutic holding environment.  

Narcissism In the Workplace 

The workplace of today is full of interpersonal dynamics that can be highly rewarding and at times, very challenging or worse, damaging. 

One of the most difficult workplace behaviors to contend with is Narcissism. At the very least it can be confusing. At the very worse, it can feel threatening and can negatively impact your organization in obvious and less-than-obvious ways.  

The term Narcissism is used very often however few people have been trained to fully understand what the behavior is, what the implications for it are and what are some techniques one can use in dealing with this challenging behavior.  

This workshop will be co-taught by an author and clinical psychologist of two books on Narcissism and a Leadership Expert. Together they will present a framework to help understanding and effectively react to this frequently occurring workplace behavior.

Specific development goals will be encouraged for each attendee to include in his/her Individual Development Plan.